Why I’d Hired a Doula (And Why I Always Recommend One)

A birth doula has trained extensively to provide emotional, physical, and informational support for women during childbirth. The birth doula provides assistance throughout labor and delivery as well as postpartum recovery. A doula will be able to assist at various stages of labor and offer information on proper prenatal care if necessary. When you’re pregnant, it can be difficult to know what is the right decision for you and your family. It’s hard to separate fact from fiction when it comes to pregnancy advice, so here are a few things mommas need to know about doulas:

1) They help with emotional challenges during this time of life.

2) They provide information on health care options for women who have no access or understanding of medical jargon

3) Doulas also offer more hands-on physical support by aiding in labor and delivery as well as postpartum recovery.

If you want someone who will advocate for your needs and wants without judgment then a doula may be just the person that helps make those decisions clearer.

As a pregnant woman you might be thinking, “should I hire a doula?” Of course the answer is yes! In this article we’ll explore the benefits of having a birth doula as well as why they’re important for your pregnancy journey.

Benefits of having a doula including

  • less anxiety
  • lower risk of cesarean section
  • shorter labor time
  • higher chance of achieving all natural birth

Types of Doulas

There are a few different types of doulas. They vary in what type of support they offer. There is the family birth doula who provides emotional and physical support, there is the labor support doula, and there’s the postpartum doula.

The family birth doula provides emotional and physical support for you before, during, and after the baby arrives. The labor doula offers physical support during labor by making sure you are comfortable, holding your hand or back, giving you water or ice chips when needed, etc… The postpartum doula assists you in coping with any challenges that come up in your new role as a mother.

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