What Should Be Included In A Birth Plan (Including Free Template)

One of the most important aspects of planning for a positive birth experience is creating a birth plan.

A birth plan provides you with all the information about what kind of care you want during your labor and delivery, where you want to deliver your baby, who should be present in the room with you when it’s time to push, how long do you want labor to last before intervention happens, etc.
The more detailed your plan is, the better prepared everyone will be in caring for you and making sure that everything goes smoothly on this special day! Here are some key things to think about!

Positive Birth Visualization

Start by visualizing what kind of birth you want to have.

Choosing Your Birth Team and Location

Choosing the location for your birth rather it be at a facility or at home is one the most important decisions that rule the type of experience you may have.

Birth centers support natural birth without medication and are usually equipped with birthing tubs, showers, and beds.

They offer midwives that truly support natural birth with the least cause for medical interventions as possible. On the other hand hospitals will have more options for pain relief during labor but may not be as supportive of your decision to avoid unnecessary medical procedures.

Your birth team can be compromised of your midwife, doula, lactation consultant, and chiropractor. You should feel free to add others that you may have a good relationship with or feel is needed.

Giving Consent & Making Decisions

Your birth plan will typically include things such as:

  • preferred birthing position
  • pain relief options
  • use of IV fluids and blood products
  • circumcision if its a boy
  • testing and vaccines
  • baby’s first bath
  • use of pacifiers
  • preservation/ownership of placenta

You must advocate for yourself to give consent only to what you desire to take place, as long as it is a safe decision for you and your baby.

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